How to Generate Mock-ups for Your App?

How to Generate Mock-ups for Your App?

After visiting and signing up for 20+ websites, I got to know about the way I am going to share.

Let's dive in.

Before we continue, please setup Adobe Xd, it's free software that will help us in generating app mockups.

Step 1: Visit


Step 2: Select an App template as per your requirements.


Step 3: Click on Download and save into the system folder.

Step 4: Open Downloaded File. (*Adobe Xd should be installed in your system)

Screenshot (203).png

Step 5: Drop screenshots of your app into this mockup.

Screenshot (204).png

And, you should be seeing something like this:

Screenshot (205).png

Now, it's time to generate this mockup into .png/.jpg/.svg file type. For that you just have to select mockup and click on export like this:

Screenshot (206).png

And, it will ask to select the file type you want to export and select a location:

Screenshot (207).png

And, thatttt's ittt.

Check your selected location and use generated mockup anywhere you want.

Thanks for following this guide.

Hope it was helpful.

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