First App on Playstore

First App on Playstore

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Anshu Shandilya
·Nov 18, 2020·

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When you learn something new and build something from that like a web app or mobile app, you started dreaming that one day you will build something that will be loved by millions of people. So while dreaming about thought, I started planning to release my first app on play store.

Like all developers around the world, I also collected pocket-money to buy Google play console(Platform to publish apps on play store). And after a month, I was able to buy the Play console.

To release an app on play store, you just don't have to pay $25 to Google and Google will say "Hey Congratulation, you have successfully launched your first app on play store." It never works like that naa.

You have to have an app idea to build an app. But, after I buy the console, I wasn’t able to decide what should I upload on this. There were few app projects on my laptop but I was not feeling confident to release them.

There is a quote you must have heard this "Seek is seeking you".

I don't know who said this but in that situation of life I felt this quote when one of my batchmate came into my room and told me that "There is an idea I was thinking of, would you like to work on this?"

Me: Yeah, why not. Tell me about it. I would definitely give this a try.

His app idea was that "Is there any possible way in which I can run code on my mobile phone"?

He also gave me an instant suggestion for his idea. He told me that just create an app in which integrate an IDE(Integrated development environment) that are already in the market.

So I started looking for an IDE which can be accessed by web browsers. After a few minutes of web surfing, I came across Google Colab(This allows you to write and execute Python in your browser) and decided to integrate this into an Android App.

After a day I executed this idea and shared with my friend. He loved it and shared it with his friends.

After all this, I started thinking about, "who is going to use this application?" And asked the same question to my friend also but he didn't say anything except one line that "I don't know about others but I loved it and I am gonna use this forever".

Without wasting more time on thinking, I published the first version of the app.

For this version, I didn't focus much on the user interface design. I just published with a basic design using the white colour theme.

While publishing this application I did some mistakes that I must have avoid and I would recommend you also to avoid if you come across such mistakes.

Don't take any decision in hurry. When you take the decision in a hurry, there will be something you will miss. So, take time but do not miss something that you will regret later.

In my case, I should plan about app UI/UX, user journey, market mind-map and plan other stuff.

Directly diving into execution is not a good habit while building something useful for dev community and dreaming that people will love your creations. Someone will love your creation and invest their time into your product only when they will feel that they are getting something from your product. Like how do we feel who you use any social platform(Facebook, Instagram)? We feel that we are being entertained, right?

In Fb case, it's entertainment. In your case, it can be something else but the point is you have to know first "what someone will get from your product?" For this, you have to plan. you have to do market research, study human behaviours.

*Only for people who belong to Android Dev background

There was a major mistake I did while publishing this application and that was I forget to remove space from Android .jks file(When you release an apk from Android Studio, you get a .jks file. Use of .jks file is that when you planned to update your app in future then you have to use this to generate updated signed apk).


Always check this while releasing signed apk.

Don't worry, we make mistakes to learn from them.

Now let's see some number game. Before I show you show numbers and graphs of application growth, I would like to say that "I haven't us any type of marketing to achieve whatever you are going to see."

I launched this application around a year ago. So on that basis here is the growth rate:

Screenshot (33).png

You can see in one year an unplanned idea is about to cross 30,000 user base from the different countries without any marketing support.

Whenever I came across this type of achievement, I remind a Hindi dialogue "कोई ढांडा छोटा नाही होता और धनदे से बड़ा कोई धरम नाही होता(There isn't any business which is small and no religion is bigger than business)"

Never judge something by saying it's small or large because you never know how much big impact it can create.

So, keep practising, keep building and keep documenting @Kiwismedia.

Thanks for reading. All the best. Let's connect and have some discussion.

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