Why Java is required before learning Kotlin?

Why Java is required before learning Kotlin?

Before we dive into finding reasons on our blog, let's first understand why Kotlin came into the role.

Basically, technology is an industry which is changing at superfast pace since the last two decade. Because, as the world is moving into a new age, everything has to be efficient, everything has to be simple, easy.

And to come up with simple, efficient, easy things every company keep working in the background after publishing a current marketable solution. Everything takes time to show it's best output either it's innovation or creativity.

In the same scenario, Official Android team keep coming up with something new, easy and efficient ways to help developers in building Android App.

Java is in industry since more than 15 years. It's also improving day by day but while developing Android app developers was facing some issues like Null Pointer Exception, code structure, code reusability. Basically one of the best thing that Kotlin helps in is removing boiler-plate codes. And, because of these apps' development was taking more time than expected.

Developer was spending more time in solving bugs than progressing in Development.

Before you dive into Android with Kotlin, you have to get ideas about the problem that Kotlin is solving. And that can only happen when you have already programmed in Java or at least have an understanding of basics. Android App Development becomes lot easier after that.

Now let's see what are the Java's problem Kotlin solve:

  1. Kotlin's syntax is simple and easy to deal with.
  2. It is an interoperable programming language. You can use Java code in kotlin or vicevarsa.
  3. It helps in dealing with nullpointerexpections. If you are familiar, it's one of the very comman problem of Java.
  4. It is a fully Android focused language. Kotlin was mainly designed to make Android development fast and easy. That doesn't mean it can't solve any other problem out of android. If you explore you can develop cross-platform apps, desktop apps using Kotlin.
  5. It also helps in avoiding extra garbage collections.

If you don't want to explore Java, you can only learn about these terms and directly dive into Android App Development using Kotlin.

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