Goodbye findViewById

Goodbye findViewById

As an Android Developer, you must be familiar with "findViewById".

TextView txtView = (TextView)findViewById(;

And the pain of writing this line for every single items in XML.

But, from now you don't have to do this because in this blog we are going to see, how can we find design components in Java/Kotlin without traditional way.

Before we dive into this, let me tell you there was a library called "ButterKnife" which was used to solve this problem but this has been depreciated. Capture35.PNG

Now let's dive into How to use View Binding in Android App.

View Binding helps us in finding design elements without using "findViewById".

Interaction with views defined in XML, View Binding makes it easier for us.

Firstly we have to enable View Binding.

Go to build.gradle(Module:

buildFeatures { viewBinding true }

Paste this code-snippet in **android{

}** body.

Now viewBinding has generated binding class for every xml you have in project.

Next, Go to your Main Activity and call binding class.


Get code file from here.

This is how you can say goodbye to findViewById.

Let me know if you have any doubts and face any problem.

Thanks for reading.

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