Android Libraries of the Week || 01

Android Libraries of the Week || 01

Every time I start working on any Android Project, I have to spend one third time in looking for suitable libraries as per project requirements.

And, whenever I use any library, I forget to document somewhere so that will be able to use in future projects.

So, I came up with an idea of a blog series where I will be sharing Android libraries every Saturday. Most of the time, we spend time on looking for things rather than working on the project.

Here are the libraries of this week:

  1. Deck: A library that permits you to apply a beautiful animation in your view pager, and these animations looks like a deck. 68747470733a2f2f6d656469612e67697068792e636f6d2f6d656469612f6c344570694b6a433148327351435676612f67697068792e676966.gif

  2. BlurKit: An extraordinarily easy to use and performant utility to render real time blur effects in Android. bk-demo.gif

  3. ScalingLayout: A library to scale your layout on user interaction. gif_behavior.gif

  4. SmoothBottomBar : A lightweight Android material bottom navigation bar library. 68747470733a2f2f63646e2e6472696262626c652e636f6d2f75736572732f313031353139312f73637265656e73686f74732f363235313738342f736e6170702d2d2d616e696d6174696f6e2e676966.gif

  5. KenBurnsView: A library that provides an extension to ImageView that creates an immersive experience by animating its drawable using the Ken Burns Effect. anim.gif

  6. ExcuseMe : A polite and easy way to ask for Android Permissions. excuseme.gif

  7. AndroidScratchCard: A library of Light Weighted Scratch Card View. androidscratchcard-example.gif

  8. URLEmbeddedView: A library which show preview of URL. stackoverflow.png

  9. LongPressPopup : Make a Popup appear long pressing on a view and handle drag-release events on its elements. sample.gif

  10. Android Image Cropper : Image Cropping Library for Android, optimized for Camera / Gallery. demo.gif

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