Android Libraries of the Week || 02

Android Libraries of the Week || 02

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Anshu Shandilya
·Dec 12, 2020·

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Thank you so much guys for your valuable feedback and suggestions on last week libraries.

Here are the libraries of this week:

1.GestureViews : ImageView and FrameLayout with gestures control and position animation.


2.Speedometer : A lightweight circular indicator view library for Android.


3.Oops-No-Internet : Oops! No Internet! No internet dialog and snackbar for the rescue!


4.Why-Not-Image-Carousel : Why Not use Image Carousel if you have lots of images to show!


5.NoInternetDialog : A beautiful Dialog which appears when you have lost your internet connection.


6.Zoomy : An easy to use pinch-to-zoom Android library.


7.LoadingButtonAndroid : A button to substitute the ProgressDialog.


8.Simple VLC Player : An Android media player library powered by LibVLC and Open Subtitles.


9.Design Resources For Developers : Curated list of design and UI resources from stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries, tools and much more.


10.Awesome Android Learning Resources : It's aims to be the starting point for Android App Developers to find the finest learning content for Android App Development.


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