Android Libraries of the Week || 03

Android Libraries of the Week || 03

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Anshu Shandilya
·Dec 19, 2020·

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Thank you so much guys for your valuable feedback and suggestions on last week libraries.

Here are the libraries of this week:

1.SSAndroidNeumorphicKit : Neomorphic UI kit for Android


2.SSCustomEditTextOutLineBorder : Same as an Outlined text fields presented in Material Design page but with some dynamic changes.


3.SSCustomBottomNavigation : Animated tabbar with native control


4.CardSlidePanel : Enable users to slide the card to the left or right smoothly and continuously.


5.SmallBang : Twitter like animation for any view 💓


6.PasscodeView : Material Design PasscodeView for Android.

demo (1).gif

7.HTextView : Animation effects to text, not really textview

rainbow.gif typer.gif demo7 (1).gif demo7.gif demo6 (1).gif demo6.gif

8.AXMemojiView : It is a new page for AXEmojiView which shows memoji just like stickers


9.Image Picker : 📸 Picker for Android, Pick an image from Gallery or Capture a new image with Camera🖼


10.TileProgressView: Simple Progress View with Tile Animation


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