Android Libraries of the Week || 05

Android Libraries of the Week || 05


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Thank you so much guys for your valuable feedback and suggestions on last week libraries.

Here are the libraries of this week:

1.OtpView: A custom view to enter otp/pin of different sizes used usually in cases of authentication.


2.Paper Onboarding Android: PaperOnboarding is a material design slider made by @Ramotion


3.Fluid Slide Android: ๐Ÿ’ง A slider widget with a popup bubble displaying the precise value selected. Android library made by @Ramotion


4.FoldingCell: It is a material design expanding content cell inspired by folding paper material made by @Ramotion


5.CircleMenu: It is a simple, elegant UI menu with a circular layout and material design animations. Android UI library made by @Ramotion


6.Material ProgressBar: Material Design ProgressBar with consistent appearance


I am coming up with a book for every individual who wants to be good at their Android Development Fundamental by practicing different projects.

A book of ideas to improve your App Development skill.

Stay Tuned.

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